iWill, Inc was created to fill a critical yet unmet need in most schools and social settings. It grew from an observation that when students facing challenges in life were placed in groups of peers, they would open up and share their stories.  Based on a very simple premise, telling your story empowers not only the Storyteller, but those who witness the story being told.

By sharing their past with a community of people who understand them, they can look at their stories and change their behaviors and beliefs, allowing healing and growth.  Sharing alone is a potentially risky effort when stories include issues related to poverty, drug use and abuse, criminal activity, child abuse, and a general orientate hopelessness.

In structured moments, iWill, Inc staff use concepts of Narrative and Art therapies to build community, orient participants toward compassion and empathy, create self-directed goal building sessions, and above all, HOPE.

By participating, students, staff and family engage in a deepening awareness of each person’s unique qualities through the sharing of universal themes.  There is always a powerful takeaway, an “Ah Ha” moment, that resonates from the heart, forged by “knowing” that we are more alike than different.

iWill, Inc was formally incorporated in 2015 as a 501 C3 nonprofit by founder Robin Mayther, MS, MS, ATR.  iWill is named after her son William Mayther, who passed away in 1997 of an undiagnosed heart condition.  Those who knew him have lots of stories to share- his heart was big; his love for others even bigger.