All of our services are build on the idea that stories connect us.  Group dynamics are enhanced when we build a common language around shared experience and emotional supports.  Using elements of narrative and art therapies, participants learn to own, reshape and forecast their “story.”

By helping students to process and deal with the emotional baggage weighing them down,
​we help them to “lighten their emotional load.” ​We teach them social-emotional life skills to help them cope with what is going on in their out-of-school lives. Each student learns the importance of asking for help, and we assist them in creating their own personal support team to help them reach their academic and life goals.

The contracting school or agency handles student recruitment. The Story Project then hosts a “meet and greet” session for potential participants.  Next, students who choose to participate complete a pre-program survey that allows them to self-report issues and areas of need. Students then sign an contract of commitment.