Linea King, Teacher at Ceasar Chavez Primary School said of our services:

“Last year I had the honor of participating with my 8th grade girls in the Story Project. This program was an amazingly powerful, and empowering experience for me as well as the students at my school. I watched girls whose voices shook and who were almost in tears while introducing themselves on the first day – eagerly share with loud confident voices on the last day.

The power of Story Project is in its name. t gives each participant the chance to give words to their experiences and share her/his/their story. With the wonderful modeling of the facilitators students learn that we each have a story and it doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s. It may contain love, sadness, trauma, isolation… but whatever our experience they are ours and our stories can be used to make us stronger.

Adolescence is an awkward stage in life where young people often feel alone, strange different, invisible and judged. The Story Project helps students understand that they are not alone. They learn some of the underlying, invisible things that they may have in common with their peers, and while some of their experiences or challenges may be unique to them the sense of community and the bonding that is fostered amongst the students helps them feel supported and affirmed.

I highly recommend this program for any community.”