The Story Project is the name of our patented narrative therapy program and is the base from which all services are built.

The Story Project begins with the belief that the act of telling one’s story transforms, heals, and empowers the storyteller. The project takes place during a three-day sleep-away camp that builds trust in a safe environment. Each camp includes a maximum of 36 youth, with two senior facilitators, three trained junior leaders who have experienced the camp in the past, and two support staff. The camp is free to students.

Regardless of its application or setting participating students build trust, learn what their personal story is, take control of their stories, and write their futures. Kids are encouraged to speak of their past and current circumstances—topics of poverty, drugs and alcohol, uncertainty, racism and other “not my choice” suffering emerge. As students address and honor their pasts, they construct a future narrative that embraces options that were not a part of their old stories. Follow-up sessions cement this new vision.

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